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Всем привет, это моя первая статья, сразу хочу сказать) Напишем сегодня стиллер на пайтоне, и запакуем его в exe, чтоб он не палился антивирусами, по моим данным ( 1/67 ) Начнем с самого простого, это подключение библиотек ...
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分析类型 虚拟机标签 开始时间 结束时间 持续时间; 文件 (Windows) win7-sp1-x64-hpdapp01-2: 2020-08-15 16:02:54
3)WriteProcessMemory / CreateRemoteThreadEx / LoadLibraryによるインジェクション . 長所: 単純な ; 短所: 非常に不安定です(コードはDllMainで実行する必要があります、CLRホスティングが必要など)。 方法1を使用します。 もっと良い方法をお勧めしますか。 WoW JP – это информационный World of Warcraft портал. 3.3.5а GameSV v15 + WEB - Страница 58 - Форум. На сайте представлено широкое количество информации для игроков.
发现od显示为arg的参数就是调用CreateRemoteThread 的7个参数,CreateRemoteThread 函数调用了CreateRemoteThreadEx ,该函数为: HANDLE WINAPI CreateRemoteThreadEx(_In_ HANDLE hProcess, _In_opt_ LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpThreadAttributes, _In_ SIZE_T dwStackSize, _In_ LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE lpStartAddress, _In_opt_ LPVOID lpParameter, Jul 07, 2013 · Lets assume we have application and we would like to print logs from it’s execution (like arguments and return code of functions). One way to do it is to hard-code prints into source and recompile it (in Polish language we call it “dupa-debugging”, which pretty nicely evaluates this approach). Mar 24, 2019 · Using this IsHooked function with the address of CreateRemoteThreadEx, we read the first byte and compare it with the 0xE9 jmp opcode. If the condition is true, we can tell that it is hooked. We can do the same with the push/ret combination. The first byte 0x68 represents the push instruction. The bytes from position 1 to 4 represent the ...
CreateRemoteThreadEx CreateThread DeleteProcThreadAttributeList ExitProcess ExitThread FlushProcessWriteBuffers GetCurrentProcess GetCurrentProcessId ... 2) Then open the malware sample in the debugger (with all the monitoring tools running) and set a breakpoint at the api (for example: isdebuggerpresent) and hit the run button at this point your debugger should stop at Isdebuggerpresent..also look for the results from the monitoring tools, at this point malware should not generate any malicious activity static HANDLE CreateRemoteThreadEx ( HANDLE hProcess , LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpThreadAttributes , SIZE_T nStackSize , LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE lpStartAddress , SIZE_T nStartRoutineSize , LPVOID lpParameter = NULL , SIZE_T nParameterSize = 0 , DWORD nCreationFlags = 0 , LPDWORD lpnThreadId = NULL , LPVOID *lplpCodeRemote = NULL ); inline HANDLE ...
天草壳世界学习笔记: 1.OD的查找支持模糊查找 ?? 比如 要查找 E82091FBFFA1B8 可模糊查找:E8??91FBFF??B8 2.OD的插件idaficator 可以支持回滚 就是记录你的操作记录往回走 相当于一个跳转或者CALL以后 可以跳回去看  鼠标左键 ESC 可以回滚上一步 鼠标右键可以回滚下一步 3.StrongOD插件的二进制无空&
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